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Daniel Jesse Muhlestein (born August 17, 1972), best known as Daniel Jesse, is an American musician and drummer for the heavy metal band MEAT.  

Early Life  

Jesse was born Daniel Jesse Muhlestein on 17 August 1972 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to father Richard Jesse Muhlestein, and mother, Deanna Jane Muhlestein.   

As a teenager, Jesse listened to Motley Crue, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and anything as Daniel describes as having “a rock-solid drum track, loud crunchy guitars and solid musical hooks.”  

Jesse took three years of professional drum lessons beginning at the age of 12 – under the tutelage of Mike McGurk, Kelly Wallace, and Greg Baumgart – where he learned to read sheet music and to play along with pre-recorded drum tracks beginning with Quiet Riot and Billy Squire.  

A couple years before Daniel picked up his first drum stick, cousins of his had been given three Ludwig drums and some random drum stands. These cousins weren’t interested in drums, but they knew that Daniel’s family – being a family of all boys, might be interested in them, so they brought them to his house. They were circa 1964 black and gold sparkle Ludwig. The 18-inch kick drum had a patch of deer skin glued to where the kick drum pedals would strike. As Daniel describes them – “they were in horrible condition.” Those drums sat in his garage storage for several years.  

During Jesses sixth-grade year at Academy Park Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah, the local Jr high band came to perform at his school. The drummer, Fred Luttmer, performed a drum solo on the drum set which fired the flame of inspiration and desire to play in Daniel.  

He knew he had the old Ludwig drums in his garage. He convinced his parents to refurbish them and to get them into a playable condition.  

Jesse saved his lawn mowing money all summer long to buy a new set of hi-hat cymbals and a ride/crash cymbal. Over the next three years his mom shuttled him back and forth to drum lessons where his skills were developed and solidified – much to the chagrin to his brothers and neighbors who often complained of the volume during practice.  

Music Career  

During the latter part of his 9th grade year at Kennedy Jr High in Salt Lake, Daniel auditioned for a band called Midnight Rose, which had Robert Goble (vocals/keyboards) Steve Shurts, and Buddy Morgan (guitars). Midnight Rose would practice in Daniel’s parents’ basement in Salt Lake and would play a house party on occasion, and once at the local mall music store. They recorded one self-titled demo in an 8-track studio.  

During his high school years at Granger High in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jesse met up with Darrell Zitting. They had a cooking class and history together. They would often have conversations about music and drums and guitars. As Daniel recalls “the conversation would often go something like, hey I play drums you play guitar and sing, we should jam sometime.” Ultimately, Daniel and Darrell formed the band Trinity while in high school. They brought on Tony Ortega on bass and Bill Jennings-Hill on lead guitar. The high point that Trinity reached was when they organized a concert to be held in the Granger High auditorium after school at the end of the school year where a hundred or so of their friends and fans showed up to support them.  

As high school ended in 1990, and their lives drifted apart, Daniel and Darrell didn’t reconnect again until 1995 when they reconnected and created a new project which they called Struck by Lightning (SBL). They brought Bryan Rosenhan on as bass and songwriter. SBL rehearsed in Bryans basement in the Salt Lake valley where they recorded a self-titled demo on an 8-track and were regulars among the bands playing the Salt Lake club scene during the 90’s.  

As Daniel Jesse and his new wife began having children, he decided to quit the music scene while he focused on raising his kids.  

21 years passed where Daniel and Darrell didn’t have any contact with each other. Darrell continued on playing in many different projects. Daniel endured two divorces, and was living as a single bachelor in downtown Salt Lake City where he hadn’t touched a drum for over 5 years. Nearly motivated to sell his drums which had been in storage for over 5 years, he reconnected with Darrell through social media.  

Darrell was looking to re-form the band MEAT which he had originally formed in the early 2000’s and had a decade-long success with.  

Daniel showed up to Darrell’s house in downtown Salt Lake to jam. Darrell had a drum kit he had just purchased set up, his daughter Daryllin Zitting had recently turned 21 and was learning bass. Over the next year or two, Daniel, Darrell and Daryllin reformed the newest incarnation of MEAT. They began playing the Salt Lake club scene again in early 2017.  

Daryllin, having been born with only one kidney – and only partially functioning, underwent a kidney transplant in mid-2017. From that point, she decided to leave the band and to focus on recovery and getting well.  

Throughout the summer of 2017, Daniel and Darrell continued to rehearse and decided to knock the dust off of some of the songs that Bryan Rosenhan had written while in SBL. After having breathed new life into these songs, the duo booked time with Kurt Johnson at his studio Sound Wave Recording Studio in Salt Lake to do a proper recording of these new/old songs.  

They began production on the 5 song EP: MEAT A Double Shot of Whiskey on September 9, 2017.   

The 5 songs include:  

• Livin It Up (Darrell Zitting) 

• Do You Want Love (Bryan Rosenhan, Darrell Zitting, Daniel Jesse) 

• Tragedy (Bryan Rosenhan, Darrell Zitting, Daniel Jesse)

 • For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

 • Why Can’t I Believe (Bryan Rosenhan, Darrell Zitting, Daniel Jesse)  

By the end of September 2017, all of the tracks for A Double Shot of Whiskey had been recorded. Darrell recorded guitar, bass and vocals. Kurt Johnson engineered the record and contributed his guitar chops by recording the solo on Tragedy.  

October 2017 Darrell contacted his long-time friend and bass player for Lupulin Effect, Tracy Dickinson, to join MEAT as its new bass player.  

MEAT is now back up to speed and are scheduled to release A Double Shot of Whiskey in January 2018. Live performances are being booked starting in February 2018.

MEAT - Metal Edge Assassin Team



MEAT is a straight-forward rock n roll band. We are from Salt Lake City, Utah.

They are an un-signed band. 

If there is something a record company can do for them that they already aren't doing themselves, they would love to hear about it.

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Metal Edge Assassin Team Releases Compelling Documentary on Amazon Prime

Posted: Mar 23, 2018 6:24 AM MDT📷Salt Lake City, Utah – Metal Edge Assassin Team (MEAT), a rock band from Salt Lake City, has released their brand new, compelling documentary on Amazon Prime.Titled Metal Edge Assassin Team A Double Shot of Whiskey,the documentary follows the band as they produce their latest 5-song EP, A Double Shot of Whiskey.  “We thought it was important to document our journey of making our latest EP,” says Daniel Jesse, drummer of MEAT.  “Our reunion as a band has been a long time coming, and we wanted to capture these very special moments.”Before the band was officially created, members Daniel Jesse and Darrell Zitting attended Granger High School in Salt Lake City together.  Though the two drifted apart after graduation in 1990, they eventually reunited with the goal of starting a new music project together.  “We didn’t reconnect again until 1995,” Jesse says.  “Once we did, however, we played regularly in the local club scene.”In 1996, Jesse left the band to raise a family and 21 years passed during which the two had no contact.  While Zitting continued playing in many different projects, Jesse would go for years without playing the drums.  “Life was just so busy,” Jesse says, “but I never forgot about my passion.”All of this changed in 2015, when Jesse and Zitting reconnected once again through social media.  “Zitting was looking to re-form the band MEAT, which he had originally formed in 2004,” Jesse states.  “He had over a decade of success with it and we felt it was only natural to come together again as musicians.”After practicing together throughout the summer of 2017, the band began rehearsing songs that were originally written and demoed in the 90’s.  By September 2017, the band began recording their newest 5-song EP, A Double Shot of Whiskey.  During this time, the band documented the production process which became Metal Edge Assassin Team A Double Shot of Whiskey.A Double Shot of Whiskey was recorded at Soundwave Recording Studios in Salt Lake City and engineered, mixed and mastered by Kurt Johnson.  Band members include Darrell Zitting (guitar/vocals), Daniel Jesse (drums), Tracy Dickinson (bass) and Lindsay Smith (backing vocals).The full-length documentary can be found on Amazon Prime in the US and UK. For more information about MEAT, or to listen to their music, please visit their YouTube channel.Media Contact Company Name: Metal Edge Assassin Team Contact Person: Daniel Jesse Email: Send Email Phone: 801-707-2498 City: Salt Lake City State: Utah Country: United States Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/meatmusic