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Daniel Jesse is the hard-hitting drummer for the rock band MEAT (Metal Edge Assassin Team). He is also an avid filmmaker. He specializes in documentary movies, and music videos for the entertainment industry.

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Daniel Jesse's Ludwig drums

Daniel has been playing drums since he was 12 years old (over 33 years). He is still playing his first drums - vintage circa 1964 Ludwig drums. The 28" kick drum is circa 1974. The 14"x8" Ludwig snare is 2016.

The Paiste 14" Hi-Hats are the same ones he saved his lawn mowing money to buy when he was 12 - vintage and in excellent condition. 


Daniel Jesse's camera rig

Nothing interesting is ever accomplished by following the rules. Daniel is exploding onto the music and entertainment scene as the hard-hitting drummer for MEAT (Metal Edge Assassin Team). His free music downloads to his bands music are considered his business card to get fans to attend his shows. 


Daniel Jesse camera rig

Music, entertainment, film production, research, continual learning.

It’s a Nice Night For A Black Wedding!

 Hey Everyone!! Come help us celebrate our UNION, with a Downfall RE-UNION!!

That’s right!! April, Friday the 13th, Jamie and Bubz are tying the knot, and Downfall will be reuniting for this amazing night. Helping us will be the killer band, MEAT! And ending the night will be the amazing Moose knuckle!! We're really hoping to see everyone. It’s been too long!
Much Metal Love!! 

No upcoming events.

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